Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So about a week ago i ditched VUZE (no link because i ditched it) and made the switch to Transmission to make my torrent'ing lighter and easier.

I had worried for a year or 2 that vuze's extra feature and plug-in's were useful and helpful.


Transmission has just enough control and automation and it's light (uses less ram and CPU) on the computer and it has a much better web interface.

Thank you Transmission, sometimes simplier is better -
oh wait i think that's always.

Friday, August 20, 2010

anonymizing yourself

It's a bit above and beyond for me but LifeHacker just posted this article about how to make your torrenting anonymous.

I don't do it and only think it's neccessary if you are download alot of "scene realease" movies that just came out, which i don't tend to do.

I can explain if any one wants to know but basically i don't mind waiting for a DVDrip, i don't want the copyright police after me (they are more aware if you torrent movies still in theatres), and also quality is much less consistent unless you have a good source.

Movies and Searching

So in starting torrent'ing I suggested The Pirate Bay as a great place to start searches.

For movies, i suggest DVDrip files. These are smallish (700 mb usually) files but look pretty darn good.
AXXO, and FXG are 2 "groups" that consistently do very nice DVDrips. I don't think AXXO is still doing rips, but still good to know that AXXO usually means good quality.

A trick about music

I don't mention music much in these posts, but obviously it's key. I have a nice little trick.

go to your user. Then to Music, Then to "Itunes media" (user/music/Itunes media) there will be a folder labeled "Automatically Add to iTunes". Make an alias of that folder and put it somewhere useful like the desktop, or your dropbox, or drag it to the sidebar. Or I actually made an alias on my laptop so it will mount my media center and then i can drop music in that folder on my laptop.

You can also drop movies (in the right format) and audiobooks and i think pdf's.

I didn't state it but that folder automatically adds that file(s) to itunes

There's a similar thing in Iphoto too called auto import

I even created a smart playlist in itunes called recently added (for the last month or so)

oh btw

make your life easier in Transmission go to preferences
and turn off add a window (unless like me you want to keep it only when adding manually, but you probably don't even want that) also turn off some off the prompt user stuff...

it will just hassle you, and you don't want to be hassled

Step 2.5 - watching

so you read my simple how to torrent post and you have downloaded something, now you want to watch it.

Let's start (and maybe end) with Front Row. It comes with the mac, works well, and is SIMPLE.

The easiest way to keep things organized is to go to your mac's "movies" folder and drop your movie in there. Hit menu on the remote control (or command & escape), browse to movies, then movies folder and it's there.

It you have media on another drive or in a different place make an alias to a movie or a folder where your movies live.

In my movies folder I have a "movies" folder a "tv" folder and "kids movies". In my Tv folder I have subfolders by show.
I use a combination of Transmission's labels and Hazel to place the files in the right folders automatically, but that's for a later post.

I wrote in the past about Boxee and Plex as alternatives to Front Row and if you are curious for a redux, email me or tell me in the comments


I will go into automating everything later but this article actually is a pretty good overview (with pictures) and is very similar to how i do tv auto downloading.

(oh and for the rssfeed i use